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Nearly seven years have passed since Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton announced their separation in July 2015. Many country fans still wonder what the truth is behind the most famous celebrity divorces.

The couple seemed to have the perfect relationship for a while, but then their union collapsed. What is the truth? Let’s look at Miranda Lambert‘s relationship and the various reasons that led to their separation.

It was 2005 when they first met.

Lambert and Shelton knew each other for a while, but they got to know each others better when they were paired up to perform “You’re The Reason God Made Oklahoma” in 1981. This was during the CMT 100 Greatest Duets special, September 2005.

Their on-stage chemistry impressed many. Shelton even admitted that he had never felt that spark with anyone. He said, “I was falling for her, right then on stage.”

Problem was, Shelton was married to Kaynette Williams his first wife. Lambert was engaged to Jeff Allen McManus, a country singer.

You’ll know when you know. Shelton filed for divorce from Williams five months later, and Lambert ended her engagement. Both denied rumors that their relationship was the reason for the subsequent breakups.

Lambert and Shelton finally made public their relationship in 2007, when they posed together at the 2007 CMT Music Awards. Perhaps the way they met is a sign that their sweet romance is about to end?

They got engaged five years later

Shelton, the “old-school, perfect” gentleman, asked Lambert for his blessing, then got down on one knee and proposed to Lambert during a romantic walk. The “Bluebird” singer happily said yes to Shelton’s request.

Lambert was stunned when Shelton presented her with the most beautiful diamond-and-platinum-set engagement ring. Lambert stated, “It’s so perfect than I could pick out myself.”

In May 2011, the couple married in Boerne, Texas in front of 600 friends and family members. Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEntire were also there.

So, Why Did Shelton And Lambert Get A Divorced?

Country music was indeed brought to a halt by 2015’s revelations from its reigning queen and king that their four-year marriage had ended. Their divorce was also finalized that day.

Lambert and Shelton stated in a statement that “This isn’t the future we imagined.” “And it is with heavy hearts we move forward separate.”

Although the ex-lovers never confirmed their divorce, rumors of other reasons have been swirling.

TMZ reported once that Lambert grew tired of Shelton spending his time in Los Angeles. Shelton started working as a judge for The Voice, an NBC reality TV series. He had to be there to film the show. Shelton actually revealed that he owned a huge “home away form home” in Los Angeles where he could live whenever he wasn’t in Oklahoma.

Lambert was a terrible person and hated Tinseltown. She found it extremely difficult to fly out to visit her husband, which sometimes only lasted a day. You can see that the couple has a disaster plan when you add their touring schedules.

TMZ was also informed by a source that Lambert felt like an abandoned spouse. Lambert concluded that this situation is not a way to live.

Lambert putting off having children while Shelton was dying to have them is said to have a negative impact on their relationship. Lambert disagreed. Shelton once said that having children was something he looked forward to more than anything. Lambert believes that having children to raise them on a bus or plane is a smart idea, especially when both their careers are at their best.

There have been rumors of cheating! TMZ’s sources said that Shelton felt that Lambert was cheating with him and Chris Young, who had previously opened for Lambert on Tour. Young has since denied these allegations.

Shelton’s hit song “She’s Got a Way with Words”, which was released in 2016, angered at a cheating lover, fueled rumors about Lambert being unfaithful.

Rumours have it that Shelton had an affair with Cady Groves, a country singer – Groves furiously denied and said it even affected her professionally.

Lambert and Shelton have not spoken out about the cheating allegations.

In 2015, we didn’t see the divorce of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. Although many fans were sad to see the divorce of Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton, they have moved on. Lambert has been happily married to Brendan McLoughlin , a former New York cop. Shelton, who is engaged to pop star Gwen Stefani, is also reportedly planning a summer wedding.

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