Nothing Rhymes with Orange. Eminem Disagrees With You

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The real Slim shady will continue to defy English language laws. It is a common belief that orange can’t be rhymed with anything.

This is one of those stories that old wives tell, even though it’s not technically true. But it’s a fun way to confuse kids. Over the years, many writers have tried to solve the mystery but mostly made up words.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary there is one word that rhymes directly with orange. It’s actually the word orange with a few letters added front. That word is “sporange”.

What exactly is a sporange? It is interesting (I suppose). Both of these words are used to refer to plants. It can also be translated as:

Botany is the place in which the spores are produced or carried in plants.

Eminem, however, isn’t a botanist and so came up with some words that rhyme with orange. This is a matter of how you pronounce it and his signature flow that makes it work.

It wouldn’t look so easy on paper. It would be difficult for a poor school teacher to follow the book and give you an F for these rhyme schemes. However, I will go ahead and proclaim one of the richest rappers as the authority in the matter.

Eminem is not one to be held back by a dictionary or a teacher stuck up, and he shows how many words he can rhyme with orange.

This video shows some of his rhymes using the orange word.

That was not so special, was it? Genius and the lyric analysisrs for creating the video. It’s fantastic.

Words that rhyme with Orange

These are the rhymes that anyone can’t see the video right away will be able to hear:

  • Store and Steal // Lauren Hill // ignorein’ skill // orange bill
  • storage booth // door hinge loose // four inch screws // foreign tools // orange juice
  • More so // sore throat // wardrobe // orangerobe // fourth row // Your Show
  • Ford engine // door hinge // syringe // orange

This is the most important example, as he doesn’t use multisyllabic rhymes to make it work. It’s just the orange word on its own. None of these are “exact rhymes.”

It all comes down to pronunciation, as I said earlier. You wouldn’t look at “Ford engine” and “syringe” thinking they rhyme with “orange”. Eminem has shown that there is only one perfect rhyme for our word.

Most rappers use what are known as lazy rhymes or slant rhymes. These refer to matching syllables loosely based on how they sound. Accent and dialect are key. It’s amazing to me how Houston rappers can rhyme north with house.

You can have your doubts, but don’t let them get in the way of B-Rabbit. He is the best freestyle battle rapper in 8 Mile.

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