The Richest Country Singers/Musicians of All Time

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New data has been released! Although you may not notice any significant changes in the list, which includes some well-known giants, we have added some new artists to the list.

This is more exciting than the static list, where everyone only makes more money from investments or new businesses.

As you read, that’s one big lesson for future country artists.

  • Anybody can become a successful country music artist.
  • To reach the top and be the most successful, you will need to make smart investments and manage your expenses.

It is a difficult and often frustrating process that requires a lot of skill. Many of these people can’t even create their own songs. It’s often about who you know. So make connections and practice your craft. You can join the top 10 countries artists in the world if you do the right things.

#10 – Alan Jackson


1 – Alan’s 80 million plus records sold come out of his 18 studio albums, 2 Christmas albums, and two gospel albums, earning him a place in all the country-related halls of fame, Grand Ole Opry, 9 multi-platinum records, and tons of awards.

He has also branched into other business deals such as exclusive music sales at Cracker Barrel restaurants and an endorsement for Ford Trucks. NAPA Auto Parts sponsored him and he was the headlining of a Fruit of the Loom tour.

Trivia: Alan was born in poverty and grew up in his grandfather’s toolshed. Because of the lack of space, his bed was placed in the hallway. The South Park episode “A Ladder to Heaven” parodied his song “Where Were You”. He is the name of a 5-mile stretch on Interstate 85. In 2009, he sold his 135-acre Franklin estate for $28 million.

#9 – Tim McGraw


4- The Louisiana native has established himself as one of the most prominent country music singers of all time. In the 1990s and early 2000s, McGraw rose in popularity. McGraw has 16 studio albums, “Not A Moment Too Soon” being his best-selling album in country music.

In 1996, he married Faith Hill, a fellow country singer. McGraw and Hill embarked on a tour together that was one of the most memorable in country music history. McGraw and Hill won a Grammy for their song “Let’s Make Love” in 2001.

Trivia Fact While Tim McGraw was married to Faith Hill more than 25 years ago, he had several conversations with Hill before Hill agreed to marry him.

#8 – Faith Hill


4 – Faith Hill’s music journey began at the age of 16 when she started her own country band that played at various local fairs in Tennessee. Hill’s breakthrough moment was when she was discovered by a talent scout at a record company while singing in a Nashville bar.

Her 1993 debut album Take me as I am was a huge success. The album’s debut single, “Wild One”, reached No. The album reached No. 1 on the Billboard Country Music Chart. Hill has won five Grammy Awards and sold over 40 million albums around the world during her career. She is married to Tim McGraw, a country star.

Trivia: Hill was an actor and singer. In Touched by an Angel and The Stepford Wives, Hill starred. She also made her feature film debut in 2004.

#7 – Kenny Chesney


Change: $10M Kenny has produced 40 Top 10 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts and won numerous awards such as Entertainer of Year and Top Male Vocalist. Forbes estimates Kenny’s annual income at $42 Million in 2015.

His first instrument was not received until he graduated high school. He called the guitar “The Terminator”, then learned how to play the guitar, and moved quickly to Nashville. He is a crossover country singer who has been incredibly successful. His albums have sold over 30,000,000 worldwide.

Trivia: Kenny was trying to ride a random police horse. In 2005, he married Renee Zellweger, and their marriage was dissolution in four months. During Hurricane Irma, he let many of the victims stay at his U.S. Virgin Islands home. He won the Swiss male yodeler award in 1982.

#6 – Kenny Rogers


Kenny is known for topping the charts in more than just country music. This is why he is one of the most popular artists of all time. He is also an avid photographer and has published two photo books.

With the ex-CEO of KFC, he co-founded “Kenny Rogers Roasters”, a chain of chicken restaurants. Comedy is funny, which has helped him increase his income through free marketing. He has been able to bridge into television and the race car industry.

Trivia: Kenny was the fourth of eight children. He began recording in the 1950s, performing psychedelic and jazz music. Then he switched to country in 1970. In 2017, he performed a farewell concert that featured many of these artists as well as other performers from different genres. Since 1976, he has been with Bloodline as his backup band and not rotating them like many singers. Kenny was married five times and has 5 children.

#5 – George Strait


Since 1970, the “King of Country”, has been on the road and won every ward, been inducted into the halls of fame and been named Entertainer of The Year by both the Academy of Country Music and Country Music Awards many times.

With 13 multi-platinum albums, 33 platinums and 38 gold albums, he’s one the most successful musicians of all time. He is also a spokesperson for Wrangler National Patriot, a program that assists wounded veterans. He also owns a Gulfstream G450 business jet. He was also the co-founder of Vaqueros de Mar, a golf tournament and concert series. He’s also a producer and director of television and film.

Trivia: George was a teamroping competitor in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. He is also a cousin to Jeff Bezos who is the founder and CEO Amazon. His 360-degree stage while on tour earned him $99M over three years. He holds the record for North America’s largest indoor concert.

#4 – Dolly Parton


3 – The queen of country has had 25 RIAA-certified multi-platinum, platinum, and gold records out of her 63 studio albums. She has won every music award, is in all the halls of fame, as well as a few from the film industry, for her roles in a few movies.

Even has a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Her literacy program has distributed over 100 million books worldwide to children. The Dollywood Company is home to the Splash Country waterpark and Dollywood, as well the Dolly Parton Stampede Dinner Attraction. All of these attractions are located in Pigeon Forge (TN).

As the fourth child of 12 children, she grew up in poverty in a tiny cabin. She’s made it a point to help all children. Dolly is a true heroine and was close to being named one of the 10 richest musicians in the.

Trivia: Dolly started playing guitar with a homemade instrument. She continued to practice until her uncle gave her a guitar. When she was 13, Johnny Cash performed at the Grand Ole Opry. She met him. He encouraged her to follow her musical instincts. After graduating from high school, she moved to Nashville to continue her musical career. Jolene is one of the most popular country artists.

#3 – Toby Keith


Toby has been in music since 1993. He has released 19 studio albums, 2 Christmas albums, and more than 40 million albums. There have also been 61 singles on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs charts. Like the others, he has made it to TV with his performances, not acting.

His business ventures have helped him climb the charts, including his “I Love This Bar & Grill” restaurant chain and “TK Steelman” clothing line. He has introduced “Wild Shot”, an adult beverage, to his restaurants. He also co-founded a record company. This is how it works!

Trivia Fact – Toby was an outspoken independent political leader, which led to a scuffle with the Dixie Chicks. He also played the role of the president’s inauguration in 2017. He is a huge sports and wrestling fan. Toby provides financial support to cancer patients and is working to improve music education in disadvantaged schools. Forbes estimates that he earns $53 million per year. He is often compared to Jay-Z ( The richest rapper in the World) or Beyonce.

#2 – Garth Brooks


3- By bridging rock and roll with country music, Garth has become the best-selling solo albums artist in the USA with 148 million sold, even ahead of Elvis Presley. In total albums sold, he is only behind The Beatles.

According to the RIAA, he is the only musician to have seven Diamond status records. He’s made a lot of money, but it was capped off by a five-year residency at the Encore Theatre in Las Vegas. While he’s performed TV gigs as all musicians can when they have the opportunity, none of it compares to GhostTunes, which is his online music store. He started Pearl Records, his own record label.

Trivia: Garth was semi-successful in Major League Baseball. He played in the off-season with several teams. In 1999, he was the alter ego artist Chris Gaines. Gaines is a supposedly Australian movie star who broke into the emo genre. Everyone knew that publicity stunt was obvious and the album was a complete failure.

#1 – Shania Twain


1- Shania absolutely owned the mid-to-late 90’s in terms of country and country pop music. She is a five-time Grammy winner, a Canadian Music Hall of Fame Inductee, as well as 27 BMI Songwriter Awards. She is the 6th most-sold female artist in the USA. She began her career on American Idol as a judge and was later a part of all music-related reality TV programs.

She has been an endorser for Febreze and Coty’s perfume “Shania” and was even the Olympic Torch bearer in 2010. Her income comes even from her autobiography. With her program “Shania Kids Can”, she gives back to the needy children in schools. Her residency at The Colosseum in Caesar’s Palace brought her a lot of money.

Trivia Fact – This may confuse you for a second… Shania actually is Eilleen Edwards, a Canadian woman. She was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2000 and dysphonia in 2000. Her voice became weaker and she was put on hiatus. In an OWN TV miniseries entitled “Why Not?” she “live journaled her recovery. Shania Twain is with her and she is currently on tour. She is married to a Swiss Nestle executive.

Who has dropped out of the Top 10?

Some people do not keep their places on the list. Earning money is one thing. It’s a different matter to keep it. We have only removed two of them, one because they are no longer in the country music genre and one for being legends who have passed. Here is our list of friends who have died.

Reba McEntire


7 – Reba got her start singing with her siblings as the “Singing McEntires” at rodeos. She chose to become an elementary school teacher, like her mother, who was a talented country singer. Red Steagall heard her singing the national anthem at another rodeo and helped launch her career.

She has released 29 studio albums, 42 number-one singles and 16 number-one albums. After appearing in the film classic Tremors, she became an actress and later had her own award-winning TV sitcom called Reba.

Trivia: Reba is married to Kelly Clarkson. Dolly Parton surprised her by appearing on the Grand Ole Opry with only 1 song. Her original Grand Ole Opry appearance was to have 3 songs. Due to sudden illness, she was unable attend her induction into Country Music Hall of Fame.

Brad Paisley


Brad has sold over 11 million albums and had 32 Top 10 singles on his 12 studio albums. He has 3 Grammys, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards and 14 Country Music Association Awards. He also holds 2 American Music Awards.

He spent his high school years, and many of the following, opening for legends such as Ricky Skaggs at Jamboree USA radio. His revenue streams have increased by publishing two books. His albums are recorded primarily with The Drama Kings, his live band.

Trivia: Brad composed 4 songs for Pixar’s Cars films. At age 8, he learned how to play the guitar. He is an active Freemason, Shriner and supports them through music recordings. He is a huge fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers and Cleveland Browns. He has performed the national anthem at their stadiums, including the 2018 World Series.

Taylor Swift


Changes: +$80M Taylor was recently removed because she isn’t a country singer anymore and hasn’t for quite some while. It’s also not fun to have her there messing with the rankings.

Her awards, which include the Country Music Association Awards Awards and the Nashville Songwriters Association Awards, are innumerable. She is the main songwriter for most of her music, something that isn’t very common these days and gives her lots of extra cash she wouldn’t otherwise receive.

She has a lot of product endorsements and some expensive real estate. Despite all these investments, her major source of income is her insane tours.

Trivia: Taylor cites Shania Twain, LeAnn Rimes, and Dolly Parton as her greatest musical influences. Rumours that she ghostwrote songs for Kings of Leon are “nearly confirmed”. In her eight homes in four states, she is estimated to have a value of $84 million. Taylor, who was 12 years old, wrote a 350-page novel that is still unpublished.

Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash is another top seller and was inducted into the Rock and Roll Halls of Fame. His popularity only grew after his death in 2003.

His distinguished career included 67 studio, 14 tribute and 11 gospel appearances, as well as 16 live albums. He was in eight movies and three times as often on television. He was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Rolling Stone named him the 21st Greatest Songwriter and 31st Greatest Performer of All Time.

Based on Cash’s life, Walk The Line was made in 2005. His fortune was not based on any other sources than music, unlike the others. He married June Carter, a member of the Carter Family Band and they had a son. He was a prominent activist for Native-Americans in his spare time throughout his entire life.

Trivia: Although his real name is “J.R. Cash”, he was required to use his full name when enlisting with the US Air Force in 50. Waylon Jennings shared his apartment early in his career. A camper fire that he lit caused the destruction of 508 acres in California wilderness. The government sued him and he lost $125,172. A species of tarantula was named after him: the Aphonopelma Johnnycashi.

Who will claim the next spot as Richest Country Singer?

Who else, excluding those who have fallen off the core list is close to becoming the top 10 richest country singers? Here are the closest tycoons to this point:

  • Luke Bryan earning $160 million because of his music success and being coowner of Buck Commander (sister to Jason Aldean’s Duck Commander), which produces TV shows for hunters on the Outdoor channel.
  • Carrie Underwood has made $140 million since her meteoric rise to the top of American Idol. Her record sales and multi-million-dollar endorsement deals with numerous companies are staggering.
  • Jason Aldean earns $80 million through his music, and in large part due to his ownership of Buck Commander hunting company.
  • Keith Urban is worth $75 Million due to his album sales and appearances on reality TV.
  • Blake Shelton earns $60 million through his music, series entertainment and restaurant complexes and long-running appearances on reality TV shows.

You have two options to reach this list: either you need to continue touring and produce albums non-stop or you can venture into other businesses. It’s possible, and you should remember us, little guys!

Top 10 Country Singers with the Most Wealth in the World

This table shows the 10 most wealthy country singers worldwide. It includes their names, net worth and nationality.

PositionCountry SingerNet WorthNationality
1Shania Twain$400 MillionCanada
2Garth Brooks$400 MillionUSA
3Toby Keith$365 MillionUSA
4Dolly Parton$350 MillionUSA
5George Strait$300 MillionUSA
6Kenny Rogers$250 MillionUSA
7Kenny Chesney$180 MillionUSA
8Faith Hill$165 MillionUSA
9Tim McGraw$165 MillionUSA
10Alan Jackson$160 MillionUSA

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