What are the Types/Sub Genres of Dubstep?

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There are a lot of sub-genres within Dubstep. Drum & Bass is a sub-genre. These sub-sub-genres could be called, or as I prefer to call them, Sub-Dubs.

This wasn’t always the case. Computer tech has made it possible. Everybody and their mom can now purchase Dubstep Creation Software at a cheap price, follow a few tutorials and create their own snowflake style. All this in less than an hour. It’s smart marketing and carving your own path.

However, I have compiled a list with 17 sub-genres. I did come across more names such as Cackstep. Some names are too demeaning for other sub-genres, while others are simply too unique. Gorestep is a similar one that I added because it’s growing in influence and will be locked in to this list soon enough.

Without further delay:

The All Encompassing Dubstep Subgenre List

Each one is difficult to describe due to their subtle differences in sound. It takes some time to learn the taste and then become accustomed enough to recognize the differences. To visually describe the style, I have included a GIF or picture. You’ll also find links to artists who specialize in each style.


This is how it feels the first time you hear dubstep. You’ll hear the classic dubstep style, and it will be unlike anything you’ve heard before. As the song builds towards the first rise and drops, you will feel small and nervous. Then you fall in love. Classic Dubstep incorporates all the glitches, wobbles, wobs, and blips that you can hear in electronic music.

Rusko and Kde 9 are great examples of the classic style.


Filthstep, the Super Nintendo-style lo-fi cousin to Dubstep, is called Filthstep. It is somewhere between Nerdcore music and Seattle garage bands music. It’s half-a cassette tape copy, half-a cassette tape. This is only one aspect of filth. Another part of the filth term is its loud and aggressive rhythm and lack of melody.

16Bit is an example of this style.


Wobblestep is a focus on Dubstep’s wobble. The wobble bass line of a heavy synthesizer with smooth pitch bends drives the low-end frequency spectrum. It’s accentuated and placed at the front. This makes Wobblestep one of the most enjoyable and disorienting sub-genres on the list.

Caspa is the place to go if you’re looking for a way to get up and dance (zebra costumes not included).


Glitchstep is one of my favorite tracks. It skips the wobbles and drum patterns in the background, and focuses on the glitches. Glitchstep is a high-frequency, fast-paced sound that you would expect to hear in an UFO. Imagine the sound Neo hears when he first enters the Matrix after touching the mirror. That’s Glitchstep’s feel.

Call Bassnectar for a great time. Timestretch is an excellent album.


Another favourite of mine. It’s a hated thing by purists who call them sell-outs. It’s great. It has a hip-hop feel and I love the vocal samples. It’s all about the glitches and blips, with lots of rhythmic drum beats and dynamic fluctuations in song feel. Although some people don’t like the progression, the sub-genre is popular because it feels mature and appealing to a wide audience.

Skrillex has been the Brostep poster child. Datsik , Excision and Datsik are two other great examples.


Half-Step creates an interesting feeling. Half-Step makes it feel like the other elements of the song are running at twice the speed. Although it can be less demanding and aggressive, it can still provide an adrenaline rush. Cognitive dissonance is when you feel calm but still need to go a-bang. This will excite and confuse your brain.

Benga, the Half-Step go to guy, and Loefah provides just as much.


My favorite sub-genre in dubstep… This picture captures the feeling perfectly. It’s almost like being in a psychedelic forest, like the one in Avatar. But it’s somber and makes us reminisce about days when peace reigned. Soon, the prophecy of solace will come true and the land will be restored to peace. It has a lot fantasy elements to its lyrical content.

I urge you to visit Skrux as soon as possible.


Post-Dubstep refers to the philosophical and cultural advancement of Dubstep music. It is an attempt to mature and move forward by the intellectuals in the genre. These artists are now able to hum at a tempo of 130 beats per minutes, instead of the 140 BPM they used to have. In addition to Drum & Base, UK Garage, Grime and other electronic music genres, they have also added elements of ambient music, R&B, and Drum & Base.

These artists are numerous, but I would recommend James Blake or Joy Orbison.


This is where people will get mad about this list. Gorestep is a small term that is used to describe one man’s music. He’s an influencer for many of the new Dubstep artists, and this style will continue to grow in the future. Gorestep is a mix of Trap music and Dubstep. Like Pop artists, Rappers are looking for Brostep artists to record songs. As the United States catches up with the United Kingdom, it’ll be massive, even bigger.

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The only Borgore.


Neurostep is also a great choice. Although it feels like Brostep, Neurostep focuses more on science fiction and philosophical sound. The artists I am about to suggest have a song called Substance Abuse that discusses the psychoactive effects of a chemical called Nepetalactone Cycloalkane. catnip.”

You must check out Dodge & Fuski to understand this sub-genre. Their EP Sucker Punch has the latest.


Robostep reminds me of Dubstep when I listen to it in the cockpit of Jaegar, the gigantic mecha-robots from Japanese sci-fi. It sounds like electricity flowing, pneumatics and hydraulics, and metal moving. The beat will make you feel like intergalactic aliens are at your fingertips.

Kutz has been the most popular option in recent times.


Hardstep is a mix of classic B-Boy sounds and samples, while sounding very Dubstep. Although it’s not as fast-paced as Filthstep or Jungle, Hardstep still sounds moody and doesn’t sound dark like Techstep.

To get an idea of this style, you can try Evol intent or Ewun.


Techstep is post-apocalyptic in a certain way. There is a lot of sci-fi influence in the music. Instead of being humanistic, the drums are highly quantized. It also draws heavily from the techno and industrial scenes. It is also known as Skullstep or Clownstep.

Black Sun Empire is the best source to understand this sound.


Deathstep is perhaps the most bizarre combination next to Ganjastep. It’s a mashup of Death Metal, Dubstep and other genres. Yes, right up to the heavily distorted guitars. This is a cool track, especially for those who are into metal. It is more likely to depart from the Dubstep song structures than any other sub-genre.

Abdukted, and Singaya (aka Skull Vomit) are the most prominent Deathstep artists.


Drumstep is similar to Half-Step, except that the beat is increased to 160-180 BPM. The drums are rocking at half-time but the tempo is faster so it feels just as hyped as regular Dubstep, with all the effects of Half-Step. Drumstep’s high hats aren’t bound by the half-time rule and can blast at you as tight and as close as 16th and 32nd notes.

Drumstep: Hazard or Taxman are my recommendations.


Substep sounds exactly like it does. It focuses on sub-bass frequencies and wubs. Get a subwoofer if you’re looking to rip apart the foundation of your home and take the panels out of your car. This is because I love to feel the bass and hear it. It happens below 40 Hz. Mmmm…

Digital Mystikz can help you to measure and damage your hearing.


Ganjastep, a mix of Reggae & Dubstep, is one of the most intriguing. It is both relaxing and exciting at the same moment. It incorporates a lot Reggae arrangement and Reggae music with Dubstep drums, wobbles and orchestration. Although it’s not yet huge, I think, like Gorestep that this will grow to the point where there is at least one Ganjastep-sounding song per album. It is to be expected.

Kromestar is my favorite sub-genre.

She wrote that! Dubstep was so complicated, who knew?

The list contained only 17. This list was limited to 17. You can disagree with any of the items on this list by arguing with me via social media using these buttons. Chillstep will be the soundtrack for my side of this debate

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