What is the Curse of the 27 Club?

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Chance? Conspiracy? Synchronicity? These words are used by people in the know to try to unravel this mystery. Why has the curse of 27 Club been so damaging to musicians?

What is the 27 Club Curse and how can you avoid it?

Four of the biggest music stars died during a turbulent time when they were once again using their voices to fight corruption. They all died within two years.

We lost between 1969 and 1971:

  • Brian Jones
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Janis Joplin
  • Jim Morrison

This could be attributed to chance.

This was until statisticians began to do the math.

When you take into account the general population, there is no statistical significance when you compare the deaths at this age with any other age. If you narrow down your sample to musicians, you will see an unusual pattern that defies all odds and is statistically significant.

The Curse of 27 Theory: How it All Began

While you may not be familiar with the names above, you may recognize the acts they were associated, such as The Rolling Stones or The Doors. There were a few comments about the timing of these deaths, but it was over before everyone stopped talking.

Fast forward to 1994. It’s almost two decades later and Kurt Cobain, the greatest musician in the biggest band, dies at 27. Talk of the 27 Club exploded once again after Kurt Cobain’s death in Nirvana.

Musicians began to look into the matter and build a database. The 27 Club was born in 2011 after Amy Winehouse’s death at 27. Amy Winehouse had made it clear that she was afraid she would die untimely at this age.

These six names are just a small part of the mystery.

We are still talking about at most 60 musicians if we exclude those who have achieved high levels of fame. The numbers will explode exponentially if you reduce it to semi-famous or even local fame.

So what’s the deal with this 27 CURSE CONSPIRACY??

How far can this rabbit hole reach? Let’s look at it, but not jump in. Some of these musicians were connected to the military-industrial system to help instill certain social concepts and ideas to influence the public.

Some had occult connections, it turned out. Some may have died as a result of a corporate scheme to pay off insurance claims. Some might have had access to insider information and were forced to silence them. Some may have been lucky enough to join the club by accident.

Many believe it is related to the Saturn Return, an astrological event which begins at 27 years old. This concept is the subject of a lot of songs and albums. Take, for example, the great (and well-known) album “The Saturn Return”.

Nothing is too unusual if you keep your eyes on the surface and accept the reports about these deaths as true. However, if you do even the smallest amount of research, it becomes apparent that there is a lot of false information being shared to hide…something.

This could be as simple a label trying to preserve the legacy of their stars to make sure they continue to make money post-mortem. It could also be much more sinister.

It is clear that this isn’t natural and is being orchestrated. This becomes even more suspicious when studies contradict and attempt to disprove one another. The motivation is there. My conclusion is that something is up. We won’t know the whole truth.

Take a look at this list of card-carrying members and see the “official” cause column. While some of the oldest admitted to poisoning or murder, many others after are listed as overdoses.

All of these could fall under the umbrella of “the M-word”: car crashes, road accidents and drownings, asphyxiation or fall from great heights, suicide, and many other situations. Many of these cases were surrounded by suspicious circumstances.

Additional 27 Curse Club Members

This idea is so powerful that it deserves to be explored. Consider the following 27 Club members, and the passion of their fan base.

  • Robert Johnson (Blues Legend)
  • Ronald McKernan (The Grateful Dead).
  • Dave Alexander (The Stooges).
  • Rudy Lewis (The Drifters).
  • Pete Ham (Badfinger)
  • Mia Zapata, The Gits
  • Jeremy Michael Ward (The Mars Volta).

We know that the entertainment industry’s elite are in bed with many special interest groups who want to promote certain narratives and social norms. The 27 Club had a majority of its members being revolutionary and with strong counter-culture messages. may have played the guitar a little bit too well.

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