Why Did Beyoncé’s Drummer Quit and File Restraining Order Against Her?

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Today’s bizarre but true news is that Beyonce’s ex drummer Kimberly Thompson filed a restraining Order against her over claims of “extreme witchcraft” as well as the death of her baby kitten while on tour. Kimberly Thompson, Beyonce’s drummer of 7 years

The Background Development: Extreme Witchcraft

Beyonce was an early member of Destiny’s Child and a committed Christian. However, we witnessed a decline in this steadfastness when she was signed as a solo artist, leaving behind the other members.

She eventually began to date Jay-Z, who didn’t try to conceal his ties with the occult or secret societies.

Jay-Z even goes so far as to call him Jay-Hovah. This is a play on Jehova. It sounds absurd until you look for evidence. NPR published an interview on JayZ being a Master Occult Wisdom. His Rocawear clothing line includes phrases like “Do What Thou Willt,” which is the central tenet of Satanism derived from the teachings Aleister Crowley. Anton LaVey picked it up.

They also use symbolism that is related to Luciferianism, Egyptian mysticism and many other things. It has been a popular marketing tactic. He has been determined to discredit claims that his father is a Freemason, despite online evidence to the contrary. Jay-Z Sporting The Slogan of Aleister Crowley’s Thelema Mysticism

Beyonce. She began to mention occult topics like mind control, alters (or alter-egos that can be dissociated), and demonic topics.

Soon she was wearing jewelry with Baphomet’s head and wearing outfits that alluded at Baphomet. She also dressed up as the ‘Whore of Babylon robot’ from the 1927 film Metropolis, which made explicit references to Satanism, Moloch, and other occult themes. Her marketing was saturated with sinister and occult themes. Beyoncé dressed as the ‘Whore of Babylon’ Robot from Metropolis

This was no longer a publicity stunt. When more details emerged about the involvement of Washington D.C. and Hollywood elites in these cultures, people stopped dismissing it.

Azealia Banks’ room where she sacrifices chickens is where you will find Hillary Clinton and her aides. They also talk about cannibalism and Moloch, where they consume any kind of bodily fluid that you can imagine in magic rituals. Jay-Z, Marina Abramovic, & More Baphomet Imagery

What does all this have to do Jay-Z and Beyonce? They voted for Hillary in the election and have strong ties with Marina Abramovic, the Spirit Cooking woman. They also share performances and attend events together, like all the other politicians.

There’s also the Bohemian Grove, where politicians perform mock sacrifices to Moloch or Minerva (who was also mentioned by Hillary campaign emails). Azealia Banks boasting about 3 years of feathers & blood in her chicken sacrifice room

This is all very strange stuff. However, it makes a convincing case that some members of the world’s social elite are involved in religious activities that most people are not privy to.

Beyoncé’s Baphomet ring, worn on several occasions as time progressed

Beyonce’s Drummer’s Restraining Order

Anyone who hasn’t heard this information before is likely to think “What a bunch of conspiracy crap.” What makes you think Beyonce is being held in civil court for witchcraft? Yes.

The Blast reported the story just a few days before. This was confirmed by Pitchfork, who requested court documents, and by Newsweek the day after. It’s now all over the internet, including Vice and Heavy, Inside Edition, Daily Mail and many other news organizations.

Some people don’t want the story to be touched, while others prefer to keep it buried.

Kimberly Thompson was Beyonce’s drummer on her 7-year-old tour. Bey’s problem? Tons of theft, illegal monitoring of employees, financial manipulation and the “not alive” of her kitten. Magic spells of [words that I’d prefer not to type here] and sabotage of relationships.

Below is a sample of court documents.

The judge denied the temporary restraining orders. Kimberly posted a YouTube video recently expressing her disgust at the world’s lack of good people and mean people. She spoke in broad terms and behaved erratically, manically, and used generic language. It’s possible that this isn’t just a mental raving.

However, this is only a temporary restraining or that was denied.

It’s no surprise that Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles has an outward interest Voodoo or Wiccan practices.

The Los Angeles Superior Court will hold a hearing on October 11th to decide if the restraining orders should be honored. This isn’t a stupid publicity stunt.

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